Oracle of Visions

Oracle of Visions: Full Review

This is my full review of the Oracle of Visions deck.

The Oracle of Visions Specs/Details

Author: Ciro Marchetti

Artist: Ciro Marchetti

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Publication Date: 04/18/14

Price: $23 on Amazon

Number of Cards: 52

Guide Book: 140 pages

Meanings: 2 per card (upright and reversed meaning)

Size: 95 x 140mm (3.75 X 5.5 inches)

Stock: Thick

Finish: Semi-gloss (both sides)

My Thoughts about the Oracle of Visions

The Oracle of Visions deck by Ciro Marchetti is by far the most unique deck that I have encountered. The concept is elegant, fun, and timeless. When I came across this deck, I knew I had to have it in my collection. The artwork is spectacular and cohesive from card to card. There were few if any missteps made with the production of The Oracle of Visions. I consider it a must-have for your collection.

Card Quality

In my opinion, the cards are the perfect size and thickness. The colors used in the artwork give a regal and luxurious vibe. A semi-gloss finish makes the cards easier to shuffle while maintaining a high-end look and feel. I am glad the producer of this deck did not opt for high-gloss.


The box and the booklet are high quality! They are both printed in a matte finish and highlight artwork from the cards. There is also a subtle victorian pattern woven around the images that really elevates the vibe and experience when using this deck. Each panel of the box lid features artwork from the deck. The packaging really sets up the excitement for using The Oracle of Visions.

The booklet is 140 pages but it isn’t clunky. It doesn’t seem like it would be that expansive. There are keywords given for each card since there are no words on the cards at all. There is also a short lyric or poem for each card, as well as a short meaning. I feel like the author was intentionally ambiguous and broad with the text written about each card’s meaning. When I read the text, I get more of an overall emotion than I do a specific understanding of the mean of the card. This is different from most oracle decks and I like it.

Intuitive Feel

There was a bit of a learning curve to connect intuitively with this deck. I think it was due to the lack of words and extremely unique artwork on the cards that provided an initial challenge. As I became more comfortable with the Oracle of Visions deck, I developed that intuitive connection.

I do find that my intuitive understanding of this deck is a little different. With other decks, I receive cognizant triggers from different elements of the artwork. When I read this deck, I mostly just get an overarching feeling and understanding about the sitter’s situation. This makes it a good deck to use along with others for clarity.

What I like Most about this Deck

The theme is my favorite. It’s a Victorian carnival! How cool is that? This unique theme really reenergized my desire to use oracles in my readings again.

What I like Least about this Deck

I was a bit thrown at first by the cards not having any words on them. Every other deck that I own has at least one word on each card. This is something that I got over, but if I have to point out any deficiency of this wonderful oracle, that would be it.

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