Intuitive Services - Stopher Cavins


I offer several intuitive services that will help you to find guidance, clarity, and healing as you continue along your in your life’s journey. My goal is always to provide my clients with the most positive and valuable experience possible.

All sessions are perfomed with the utmost professionalism and discretion. I do not record video or voice sessions unless it is requested by the client. Anything discussed will not be shared with anyone.

Please read about my intuitive services before booking. Also, feel free to check out these frequently asked questions and my 5-star client reviews for more information about how I work.

Psychic Reading

For the psychic reading, I connect directly with you on a spiritual and soul level. As I blend with your spirit and ‘read’ your energy, I’m able to bring forward information relative to your past, present, and future. It is always my intention to connect to the situations and areas of your life that are most relevant to you currently.

*Offered via Zoom Video Meeting or phone call.

Mediumship Reading

Want to hear from your loved ones in spirit? I will connect with them spiritually to bring forward healing messages and evidence that they are still around you in spirit and supporting you in your journey.

Each reading is unique. Typically, your loved ones come through with identifying information to let you know we are indeed connected to them and not someone else. This information often identifies their relationship to you, their personality, family dynamics, important dates, and the circumstances around their passing.

When your family, friends, and pets come through during a mediumship session, they often have a message for you. They want you to know they are still around you. They may also come forward with a message that will allow you to let go of any guilt or uncertainty that you have regarding your relationship with them or their passing.

*Offered via Zoom Video Meeting or phone call.

Combo Reading

If you feel like you need to hear from a loved one in spirit and you also need guidance and clarity for your own path, the combo reading is what you need.

I’ll do my very best to maximize our session by connecting you to ther spirit you want/need to hear from the most. I will also connect with you directly (soul to soul) and bring forward information and messages pertaining to the areas of your life that you are most concerned about.

*Offered via Zoom Video Meeting or phone call.

Pet Energy Healing

Connect with your pet on a whole new level! I will connect to your pet to provide you with their needs and bring them comfort through energy healing. As the owner, you will also learn valuable information about your pet that they are not always able to communicate to you.

This session is done in two parts. First, I will connect directly to your pet in order to work with their energy. This connection allows me to do some energetic healing in order to bring them some peace and calm in their current situation. It also gives me the opportunity to learn about their life and relationship with you.

The second phase of the session is with you. After I have connected to your pet, you and I will meet by phone or Zoom meeting to discuss what I felt and learned from your pet. I’ll provide information and evidence that will let you know that it’s your animal that I was reading.

*Offered via Zoom Video Meeting or phone call.

*This session is intended for pets that are still living. If you want connect with a pet that has passed, a mediumship reading would allow for that.

Can’t Decide?

I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have in order to help you decide which of my inuitive services is right for you.

What can I tell you about my reading options to help you decide if it is right for you?