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Virtual Psychic Readings vs In-Person Readings

Virtual psychic readings are not a new thing. Psychics and mediums have been providing over-the-phone readings for several decades now. Having said that, psychic readings have primarily been understood as an ‘in-person’ type of experience until the past few years. People are embracing technology more than ever. That includes members of our intuitive community and those that seek their advice. That, coupled with the effects that the Covid-19 Pandemic had on how we interact socially, virtual psychic readings have become the new norm.

It’s now June, 2021 and social distancing restrictions are pretty much a thing of the past (for now). With things getting back to normal, in-person psychic readings are accessible once again. I thought it would be helpful to examine some of the differences between the two versions of a psychic reading experience. Here are my thoughts about virtual psychic readings vs in-person readings.

The Level of Connection

This is a wash. For me, there is no difference in my ability to connect with someone whether they are physically in front of me or not. There may be one small connection advantage for in-person readings. That would be the ability for the psychic or medium to touch and hold items from the sitter. I understand that this is a connection technique for many psychics and spirit mediums. Overall, I don’t see that it changes a lot in terms of the reader’s ability to connect with the sitter.

The Sitter’s Experience

It really comes down to personal preference. Getting a psychic reading while chilling in the comfort of your own home is a welcomed proposition to many. On the other hand, we’ve all been locked in our homes for a year. Getting out of the house and interacting with other humans seems nice too. The experience of sitting with a reader in their ‘parlor’ cannot be replicated virtually. Then again, neither can getting your reading while bumming around the house in your pajamas. The good news is that you have options!

virtual psychic readings
There’s nothing quite like the experience of receiving an in-person psychic reading

Choosing Your Psychic Reader

Speaking of options. This is the big advantage of virtual psychic readings over in-person readings. Virtual readings provide you with the option of working with a psychic or medium located anywhere in the world. For those of us that struggle with making decisions, that may be too many options.

In-person readings limit you to working with a “fortune teller” in your physical area. That is a big limitation. Especially if you live is a less populated area. Opting for a virtual psychic experience really opens things up. It is so important that you work with an intuitive that you are comfortable with and connect with on many levels. Selecting the ‘least objectionable’ psychic professional to read you is not ideal. Like, not at all.

Virtual Psychic Readings: Top Tips

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