The Halloween Oracle Deck: Full Review

This is my full review of the Halloween Oracle deck.

The Halloween Oracle Deck Specs/Details

Author: Stacey DeMarco

Artist: Jimmy Manton

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Publication Date: 10/16/14

Price: $25 on Amazon

Number of Cards: 36

Guide Book: 80 pages

Meanings: 2 per card (upright and reversed meaning)

Size: 95 x 140mm (3.75 X 5.5 inches)

Stock: Thick

Finish: Matte (both sides)

My Thoughts about the Halloween Oracle Deck

The Halloween Oracle Deck is a super fun oracle. The artwork is very well done and wonderfully spooky. This is the best Halloween-themed oracle deck that I have come across. I appreciate the solid variety of ghostly and darker images. As you would expect, there are plenty of skulls and jack ‘o lanterns sprinkled throughout.

The Halloween Oracle Deck

Card Quality

The cards themselves have a quality feel. The cardstock is thick and the cards are larger than most oracles. The matte finish on both sides adds to the luxury feel of the deck. If you have small hands, you may have difficulty working with this deck. It is also a challenge to shuffle.


The packaging of the Halloween Oracle is really nice as well. The box is quite wide and tall while being thinner than most boxes. The spot gloss design on the box is well done. It gives the packaging an upgraded feel.

Intuitive Feel

To be honest, I don’t feel as intuitively connected to the Halloween Oracle Deck as I am to others. This really just comes down to my own personal connection to the artwork. For me, this deck is more of a fun novelty than it is a ‘go-to’ divination tool. I imagine taking it to parties and Halloween events as a fun activity.

The Halloween Oracle Deck

What I like Most about this Deck

Hands down, the artwork and theme are my favorite aspects of this oracle. It is really well done. This deck is a great addition to any oracle collection simply for its beauty and unique feel. I can’t say enough about the artwork. It’s captivating.

What I like Least about this Deck

So the thing I like the most is also what I like the least. I hope this makes sense. As much as I love the artwork, I find it hard to read intuitively. This probably isn’t the case for most people. I just have a very specific style of artwork that I read best.

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