Spirit Energy

That Spirit Energy in the Corner

We all know that feeling. You know; That feeling that you are being watched. That you are not alone, even though you are alone. It can be an unnerving experience. I understand this all too well. I recently encountered this reoccurring feeling while relaxing in my bedroom.

The feeling of being watched wasn’t really disrupting my ability to enjoy the moment. It was more so just piquing my curiosity. This feeling began to increase as I was learning to communicate with spirit and connect with the energies around me. My developed sensitivity presented the opportunity for me to recognize and connect with what I would come to know as “that spirit energy in the corner”.

Dog Barking

I’ve often heard stories about dogs being highly sensitive to spirit energy. This seemed to be the case with my own dog. For several nights in a row, my English Bulldog “Chacho”, would stand up on the bed and bark intensely. He would get quite upset. He directed his attention to an area just outside my bedroom door. There was no apparent reason for his aggression, so I began to consider the possibility that Chacho was sensing spirit energy. Once I shifted my own focus to the area outside my bedroom door, I also began to detect the energy. I just felt like there was a presence.

Spirit energy
Dogs (among other animals) are often very sensitive to detecting energy and spirit. Their intuition is quite strong.

Confronting that Spirit Energy in the Corner

Once I had identified that it was indeed spirit energy lurking outside my bedroom, it was time to confront it. Of course, I did this on an evening when my husband was away. He gets a bit uneasy with such things. So I waited until he was away before confronting this mysterious energy.

The energy was hanging out right at the top of my stairs to the second floor. Once you reach the top of the stairway, there is a small landing. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms (one being my bedroom), and a bathroom. I prepared myself for this encounter by grounding and centering my own energy. Doing this allows me to easily connect and communicate with spirit.

I stepped into the corner of the landing area at the top of the stairs and oh my. Immediately. I was greeted with an energetic charge. I was surprised by how immediate the connection was. It is was as if the energy was waiting for me to connect. There was excitement and happiness coming through. The vibration lasted for about 30-seconds. Towards the end of it, I felt as if I was being hugged. Tightly and lovingly. I quickly realized that this was the spirit energy of someone I knew. It was someone that I missed dearly.

A Visit From Dad

That’s right! The spirit energy creepin’ outside my bedroom was that of my dad. Quickly after stepping into the energy, I recognized it was him. It was a beautiful feeling and I let him know that he was welcome in my home. I spoke directly to him. “Thank you for visiting dad. Thank you for watching over me. I love you and I miss you.” This was an awesome moment for me.

My father was a very social man, but he was not one that liked the attention. He was quiet and never wished to disrupt or interfere with anyone. That is why it made total sense that his energy was there in that exact area of my home. There was a direct line of sight from that corner into my bedroom. My dad’s energy was watching over me while keeping its distance in order to not disturb anyone. That was my dad in life and now that is how his energy is manifesting in spirit.

Cleared Space

Within a few days of the encounter with my dad’s energy, the space was clear. The energy was no longer there. One might think this is saddening, but I don’t see it that way at all. I believe the energy was there for a specific reason. It was there because it wanted to connect. It was also there because it didn’t want to bother me. Once that acknowledgment was made, my dad’s energy was released. I also believe that the energy is even more connected with me than ever before. It makes sense that my father and I are still figuring out our relationship even after his passing. I am so happy that he wants to remain close and connected.

Final Thoughts About that Spirit Energy in the Corner

I would not suggest that everyone confront unknown spirit energy that they feel in their home. If you do decide to, feel out the energy first to make sure it’s friendly. If you are not someone that easily connects or communicates with spirit energy, I recommend bringing in someone into your home that does. Just know there is a reason that energy is there. Who knows, it may be the energy of someone very close to you.

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