Sitting in the Power

Sitting in the Power

The exercise of Sitting in the Power is one of the best ways to connect with your higher self and connect to the power of the light within. It is often a short session lasting 10 to 20 minutes. Sitting in the Power daily will turn your path to spiritual connection into a super highway!

What is Sitting in the Power

Sitting in the Power is also known at “Sitting with Spirit”. It is a meditation exercise that impowers you to connect to the energy of your own spirit. Once that light within is discovered, the next steps involve growing the light and blending it with the spiritual light of the universe. Sitting in the Power allows us to fully realize the power of our own spirit. This may take several exercises, but eventually, you will be able to bring forth your light and power.

Spiritual Growth and Benefits

A daily practice of Sitting with Spirit gets you closer to your own spirit. Many call this “your higher self”. This will bring you immense clarity and peace. It’s important to note that Sitting in the Power does not involve reaching out to spirit guides, angels, or loved ones in spirit. The exercise is more about expanding your own spirit energy and developing a relationship with its power. Your ability to connect with the energy and spirit of others naturally increases.

This connection to your higher self is so vital for the spiritual growth and development of psychic abilities. Once you have incorporated a Sitting in the Power routine into your spiritual journey, you may find deeper connection during other meditations such as transcendental meditation, third eye alignment, and past life meditation among others.

Getting Started with your Practice

  • Set your intention to do this meditation regularly (daily is best)
  • Find a space that is quiet where you can sit alone and comfortably
  • Set your intention to connect to your spirit light and power (not to make contact with guides or helpers)
  • Allow for 15 to 20 minutes for each session
  • Let go of any expectations for how growth and connection occurs
Sitting in the Power

How to Practice Sitting in the Power

  • Sit comfortably
  • Steady your breathing
  • Focus on your breathing to quiet your conscious mind
  • Quietly scan your conscious body and allow each area to relax and let go
  • Slowly disconnect from your conscious body
  • Imagine a small disc of bright white light in the area of your chest or solar plexus
  • Allow the light to grow. Slowly growing throughout your body
  • See this light shining through your skin and into the space where you are
  • Continue to grow that spiritual light all over Earth and eventually into the universe
  • Allow your spiritual light and power to blend with that of your creator
  • Sit in this power for as long as you wish. Enjoy this feeling with gratitude. Bathe in this energy!

What you Feel While Sitting in the Power

Everyone will have a unique experience and relationship with the power of their spiritual energy. For me, I form an intense feeling of peace. As I begin connecting with my higher self, I can feel my conscious body falling away. The light that I feel is so bright and comforting. Occasionally, I can literally feel the energy vibrating throughout my body. Sitting in the Power is a blissful moment. Once you are there in the power, you will want to stay for awhile (and return often).

​Choosing a Guided Exercise

You will find many guided Sitting in the Power meditation videos on YouTube. I am confident they are all useful. The key is always to find the guided journey that is best for you. When choosing one, consider things like the narrator’s voice. Is it enjoyable for you? How about the length of the exercise? You may prefer a longer or shorter version. One more important thing to consider is the technique being used. Some guide meditations are more visual than others. Choose the one that works well with your own abilities to image and focus.

One of my favorite guided Sitting in the Power meditations can be found on Youtube. The total length of the video is about 28 minutes. The guided exercise is for the first 15 minutes. The last 13 minutes of the video allow for you to sit in the power while calming music streams. I have wonderful results when using this journey. Feel free to try it out to see if it is the right one for you. Most importantly, enjoy the journey and the power.

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