Meet my spirit guides

Meet My Spirit Guides

Spirit guides and helpers are all around us. We all have at least one angel assigned to us at any given time. Some of us have several. Each one has a purpose. These guides and helpers are working on our behalf in the spirit world. They are protecting us, working within our energy, and divinely intervening when appropriate.

I am grateful to currently have a spirit team of three amazing spirits around me at all times. I know their names and I know how they work on my behalf. Now, I would love to introduce them to you.

Spirit Guide #1 – Deborah

Deborah is actually my auntie. I knew her in human form and now I have an amazing relationship with her in spirit. I wrote a blog about Auntie Deb a few weeks back. Feel free to check it out. Deborah was a big personality and she still is. She is the spirit guide that I communicate with on a claircognizant level. I have an even stronger relationship with her now than I did when she was living. How cool is that?

How Deborah Guides me

Deb guides me daily. She is the guide that I communicate with directly. When I ask a question, she is the one that provides the answer. She is also that spirit helper that works with me when I am connecting psychically. Deb guides my intuition and also tells me which cards to pull when working with Oracle or Tarot decks. Auntie Deb is my spiritual Google search!

Spirit Guide #2 – Merrick

Merrick is essentially my cheerleader. His energy is so positive and he reminds me of how special I am. He presents to me as an older man (in his 50’s). He gives me Morgan Freeman vibes. There is a lot of wisdom in his energy. Merrick is warm, friendly, and very supportive.

How Merrick Guides me

Merrick is much less ‘hands-on’ than Deb is. He doesn’t communicate with me by providing messages. The way that Merrick works is much more energetically and through signs. Showing me the way forward and guiding me towards the path that best serves me. He is my spiritual GPS.

Spirit Guide #3 – Myan

Myan is quiet, yet strong. Her spirit is always present in the background. Like Merrick, she does not provide me with messages. When Myan came initially came forward, I heard her name as “Mya” and referred to her as that for several months. I eventually learned that I had gotten her name wrong. Myan’s energy presents to me as someone who is from a native tribe of the Americas.

How Myan Guides me

Of my three main spirit guides, Myan is the least interactive. Her quiet strength is always flowing through me. She is especially present when I am deeply connected and grounded. I feel myself channeling Myan when I am performing my meditation and connection rituals. I have come to know her as my protector. She guards and brings forth the correct energy when I am connecting to others. Myan understands my vulnerability in those moments, so she is always right there protecting me. Myan is my spiritual bouncer!

Who is guiding you?

Have you connected with your angels, guides, ancestors, etc.? If you desire to know them, it is just a matter of asking them to come forward and present themselves to you. It is an easy exercise. Just get to a quiet place (physically and mentally). Once you have quieted your thoughts, you can begin connecting and manifesting your intention to know your spirit guide(s). Ask them to come forward and request their name. It may take a few times of repeating this exercise before you are able to connect. Once you are tuned in, your guide(s) will make themselves known and your life will change forever.

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