Enchanted Map Oracle

Enchanted Map Oracle: Full Review

This is my full review of the Enchanted Map Oracle deck.

Enchanted Map Oracle Specs/Details

Author: Colette Baron-Reid

Artist: Jenna DellaGrottaglia

Publisher: Hay House

Publication Date: 10/06/11

Price: Under $20 on Amazon

Number of Cards: 54

Guide Book: 111 pages

Meanings: 2 per card (upright and reversed meaning)

Size: 89 x 127mm (3.5 X 5 inches)

Stock: Medium

Finish: Glossy/coated (both sides)

My Thoughts about the Enchanted Map Oracle Deck

The Enchanted Map Oracle deck is absolutely stunning! I ordered this deck because of it’s similar artwork and theme to the Wisdom of the Oracle deck (same author and artist). It is every bit as wonderful and intuitively appointed as that deck is. Beyond the similarities of the decks, the Enchanted Map Oracle remains sufficiently unique in many ways.

The individual cards are a mixed bag when it comes to themes. Cards such as “commitment, cleaning house, education, and movement” represent straightforward lessons and situations. More mystical or enchanting themed cards like “magical map shifter, goblins, dragon’s lair, and sacred pool” are sprinkled throughout the deck as well. For me, it is a welcomed mix that keeps me on my toes.

The quality of this deck is quite good. The cardstock could stand to be a touch thicker, but I wouldn’t call it “flimsey.” A high-gloss finish on both sides looks good and makes it easy to shuffle and slide the cards around. I also love the lovely ocean blue color of the box and backside of the cards. Detailing inside the box gives the deck an elevated feel as well.

The Enchanted Map Oracle

What I like Most about this Deck

The thoughtful connection between elements like the theme, the colors, the artwork, and the intended card meanings is key for me. I really love cards that give me a lot to look at and feel into. This extends to the text written for the card meanings. These are all intuitive markers for me. Enchanted Map Oracle delivers that in spades.

What I like Least about this Deck

For some reason, I feel like there should be a white border on the artwork side of the cards. It is just a personal preference. The cards are also a touch thin. These are both very minor shortcommings in my opinion. This deck is super enjoyable.

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