Emailed Psychic Readings by Stopher Cavins

Don't have time to sit for your reading? An emailed psychic reading is the perfect way to get some guidance and clarity that you can take in when you have time. This reading allows for 4 questions to be answered. I will connect to the energy surrounding each question/situation to provide details, guidance, clarity, and predictions. For your emailed psychic reading, please complete this form with your questions. *This reading format does not allow for mediumship (messages from loved ones that have passed away)*
I will do my very best to accommodate your needs for the reading.
The reading provided is primarily for entertainment purposes. It is an objective third-party perspective and psychic opinion (from Stopher Cavins) surrounding your questions. There is no guarantee of accuracy or assurances of predictions coming to pass as they are predicted in the reading. No refunds will be provided once the reading has been delivered.
Price: $60.00