ways to prepare before receiving a psychic reading

5 Ways to Prepare Before Receiving a Psychic Reading

If you are going to receive a psychic reading soon, there are some ways to prepare in order to get the best reading. Your psychic or medium will be attempting to connect with your spiritual energy to obtain information about you and what’s going on in your life. If you take some time to prepare your mind and spirit before the reading, that connection will be stronger. This will allow you to receive information and messages that provide the most clarity.

Here are 5 ways to prepare before receiving a psychic reading.

Remove Expectations

Don’t go into your reading with a list of things that you want to hear. This seems like the right thing to do, but it can set you up for disappointment. In many cases, what you want to hear is not what you need to hear. Having expectations can also block your energy. It could cause your reader a challenge in bringing forward the messages that best serve you.

Set Your Intention

Ok, so this probably sounds a lot like having expectations, and I just told you not to do that. Setting your intention is similar, but different. Expectations are desires that may not be what best serves you. Intentions are more aligned with goals. Essentially, you will be setting a broad goal for the reading. Here are some examples of intentions to set as you prepare before receiving a psychic reading.

Receive clarity about my past/present situation

Receive messages and information that best serves me

Gain clarity and advice that will help me heal from (whatever trauma you have endured)

Learn and uncover challenges that I may be unaware of

Open Your Energy

Your psychic is going to be connecting with your spiritual energy. It is so important that you are open. After all, it’s quite difficult to read a book that isn’t open. Am I right? This is an intention that you definitely want to set. Before you meet with your psychic or medium, set the intention of opening your energy to them and allowing them to have full access to the energy of your spirit. One way to open and connect is to repeat your name and your reader’s name several times while setting your intention to open the energetic flow.

If you are hiding a truth or have something that you don’t want to come up, it could cause a block. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

Give Them Permission

Permission to fully connect is usually requested by lightworkers before your session begins. I advise giving them permission well in advance of the session. Doing this is as simple as saying (out loud) a short prayer/statement.

I give permission to (their name) to fully connect with my energy and my higher self, as well as my angels, guides, and loved ones in spirit

Prepare Questions

As you prepare before receiving a psychic reading, think about questions that you have without creating expectations for the answers. Write these questions down and have them with you during your reading. A good time to ask these questions is after your reader has delivered all of the information that flowed to them automatically. Asking those prepared questions will help fill in any information that didn’t initially come through.

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